Washing your Diapers

Administration · May 3, 2022


  • Take care of the poop before you throw your diapers in the washer (there’s a course for this)!
  • Throw your diapers in the washer
  • Add your detergent (but make sure it doesn’t have any fabric softener)
  • Add oxygen bleach, OxyClean recommended (optional)
  • Program your washer to the heaviest, longest cycle possible and on hot
  • Wash your diapers!
    • If the diapers come out and they’re not 100% clean, you can run another (shorter) load with recommended amount of detergent.
  • Dry your diapers on low/medium heat, or hang-dry them.
Click on the button below to download & print instructions. Post them up near your washer for family!

About the Instructor

Madelaine Martin has been in the cloth diaper industry for 6 years, ever since she was given a pre-loved stash after her son was born. After a lot of trial, error, and listening to others, Madelaine paved the path for other families to utilize cloth diapers without the feeling of overwhelm. Madelaine has run a diaper service, Cheeky Things, and a non-profit, Permanent Diaper Relief, which have both required her to do extensive research on using & caring for cloth diapers.

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